Nuclear sanctions must be lifted not suspended: Cleric

Addressing worshippers in his second sermon, he said that Washington must follow suit by revoking unilateral sanctions in the aftermath of lifting the UN sanctions.

He said that the Supreme Leader support of nuclear negotiating team and that His backing made burden of the negotiators heavier than before.

He noted that Majils should extend further support to the country’s nuclear team.

The prayers leader described nuclear talks as sensitive in the current critical juncture, saying that the Iranian nation will never overlook humiliation.

‘We should take care of nuclear assets which are achievements of the martyrs. We need energy direly. We need 20,000 megawatts of nuclear electricity. We need it in agriculture and other sectors,’ he said.

Seddiqi called on the nuclear team to take steps carefully in line with dignity and revolutionary spirit of the masses in campaign against the global arrogance.

What caused the US to be volunteer for nuclear talks was Iran’s good achievements such 20 percent enrichment which was fulfilled by the Iranian scientists, he said.

The interim prayers leader further noted that continuance of research and development are among red lines and economic, financial and banking sanctions should be totally lifted; not suspended.


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