Ayatollah Alavi-Gorgani urges increasing defensive power to combat enemy

Grand Ayatollah Mohammad-Ali Alavi-Gorgani has met with members of the Shahid Bagheri Defense Industrial Group in Tehran.

Referring to the Quranic verse, “Prepare against them whatever you can of [military] power and war-horses” [8:60] His Eminence said this world is full of confrontation and conflict and this has been a feature of the world from the beginning and will be until the end of the world.”

He continued, saying: “In the Quran, God says: ‘Indeed We have guided him to the way, be he grateful or ungrateful’ [76:3]. “From this verse, we understand that there are two types of people and also it will be this way until the end of the world,” he said.

Ayatollah Alavi-Gorgani said that our task in this situation is to be prepared and noted that according to the Quran, we shouldn’t sit on our comfortable armchair without recognizing that the enemy is always present, and we must be prepared to confront them and by constructing missiles, we can easily act on this verse.

The revered source of emulation pointed out that the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, has insisted that we recognize our enemies. “The enemies have a plan to infiltrate Iran and wait for any differences among us to ‘muddy the water so they can catch the fish’ and to achieve their goals,” he said.

He stressed that Iran must increase its defensive power in order to combat the enemies’ plots and said: “By the grace of God, good work has been done in this area and the first step should be to prepare ourselves to defend our own country and afterwards we must think about exporting our defence industries to other countries.”

Ayatollah Alavi-Gorgani added that by increasing Iran’s defence capabilities, we can create fear among our enemies. “If we are awake and are united, our enemies can’t take our values and harm us.”

He referred to a narration from Imam Ali and said: “The people need a leader, even if they are a disreputable people and if there is no unity in the community, it will suffer problems.”

At the beginning of the meeting with Ayatollah Alavi-Gorgani, Hujjat al-Islam Hasan Hoseynzadeh, the administrator of the Defense Industry Training Centre in Qom, also said that the war against the enemies is still ongoing. He called on the management and staff of Iran’s defence industries to serve Islam through preparing and manufacturing strategic missiles.


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