Enemy seeking to infiltrate ‘decision-making centers’

Ayatollah Khamenei told the meeting, which was held Wednesday morning, that infiltration to critical centers of country was a grave threat, reiterating his recent major theme of addressing the new threats emerging after Iran’s nuclear deal with the West.

“Economic and security infiltration come only second to political and cultural infiltrations in terms of priority; country’s different centers of authority such as IRGC have so far successfully blocked the venues for security infiltrations; the enemy has always worked to target the beliefs and to distort, blur and render it in a way to damage the fundamentals of the society,” Ayatollah Khamenei told the meeting.

“Political infiltration seeks to find corridors in decision-making centers, and in case of failure, they would find footholds in critical grand policy centers; a country target of such political onslaught would be definitely directed according to the imperialist magnet of favor,” he asserted.

Leader of the Islamic Republic cited as a prominent feature of the IRGC ‘guardianship of the Revolution,’ a feature which clearly indicated the looming threats against Revolution. He urged identification of these threats; “a second in priority in the blueprint of the IRGC missions is surveillance of domestic and international developments to sift through the threats; the IRGC is not merely a passive entity attending only to its duties; rather, it is a keen observer of regional and international as well as domestic issues of the time,” he added.

“Guardianship of the Revolution entails permanent alertness and cunning smartness; however, we are not and will never be an initiator of the war; since the Islamic Revolution is exposed to threat of the hostile environment and forces, the IRGC should necessarily keep its capability to date,” Ayatollah Khamenei told the meeting of IRGC commanders and staff.

The Leader hinted to some pitfalls and weaknesses in the enemy’s camp; “enemies of the Revolution are those who came to the region with the attractive sugar-coated mottos of ‘restoring security,’ ‘fighting terrorism,’ ‘democracy,’ and ‘peace’ whose only legacy are insecurity, savage terrorism, and a fire of war which consummates everything in its path; the US-advertised much-quoted ‘democracy promotion’ is now their very Achilles’ heel in the region, since the most reactionary and the most despotic states in the region have the US support in their daily crimes against innocent citizens,” he emphasized. “The true nature of Revolution is the pure Islam and ‘a deep and never-ending current of change.’ Despite the assumptions of some special circles who would take the Revolution as a finite entity, it will never die or be stopped; the ideals and principles of the Revolution, which would be the driving force of the any revolution as well, are unchanging and universal constituent of the revolutions; for example, in our Resolution, these never-changing elements are national glory, independence as emancipation of the masses from the serfdom of the tyranny along with the rule of spirituality and morality, justice, welfare, and general dominance of Islamic lifestyle and mentality,” Ayatollah Khamenei asserted.

Leader denounced a common theme of de-idealization of the domestic politics and diplomacy as among the pivots of western propaganda; “they demand that we put aside our ideology in foreign policy, while ideology is the strongest inspiring force for us in all fields,” he objected.

Ayatollah Khamenei pointed to the winning of Muslim nations’ hearts and minds by the Revolution; “an Islam which is limited to personal conduct, secular Islam, Islam without jihad and martyrdom, and prevention of vice falls short of the level which would be taken as standard level for Iranians, and the real Islam should be sought in Quran and Imam Khomeini’s (RA) legacy and words,” he concluded.


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