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Iran Rejects Swapping Prisoners with Al-Qaeda

The Iranian foreign ministry dismissed US media reports on swapping prisoners with the al-Qaeda terrorist group.

An official at the Iranian foreign ministry described the Skynews claims that Tehran and the al-Qaeda have been swapping prisoners as “unfounded and false”, and said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran fights against terrorism and seriously opposes the double-standard policies and attitudes towards the inhuman phenomenon of terrorism and believes that the double-standard criteria and instrumental use of terrorism are among the main causes of the continued life and existence of this ominous phenomenon.”

“It is obvious that such media fabrications are carried out to distort the reality and overshadow Iran’s actions against terrorism and extremism,” the official added.

Skynews alleged in a report that Iran had released five senior al-Qaeda operatives from detention and will soon allow them to leave the country.

It also claimed that they were released in exchange for an Iranian diplomat kidnapped in Yemen earlier this year.


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