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Iran death toll at Hajj tragedy hits 227

The death toll of the Iranian pilgrims reached 227, Head of Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization, Saeed Ohadi announced Tuesday.

Ohadi said the numbers of injured and missing Iranian pilgrims are 27 and 247 respectively.

Meanwhile, the Iranian Health Minister Hassan Hashemi arrived in Mecca, Saudi Arabia on Tuesday morning.

Hashemi departed Tehran early Tuesday morning for Doha, Qatar, where he changed his flight for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to review the conditions of injured Iranian Hajj pilgrims.

The health minister’s visit had been scheduled for Monday noon, but it was postponed due to the denial of flight permit by Saudi Arabia.

The Hajj stampede happened in Mina, a neighborhood of Mecca, on Thursday while the pilgrims were taking part in the ritual of stoning the devil.


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