Ayatollah Khamenei’s rejection of negotiations ‘final word’: Ayatollah Mamdouhi

“Warning of the danger of the enemies’ infiltration, Iran’s Supreme Leader thoroughly concluded the argument for everyone regarding the nuclear agreement between Iran and P5+1,” Ayatollah Hassan Mamdouhi said speaking to the media.

On October 7, Ayatollah Khamenei stated that negotiating with the United States is forbidden because it would bear no fruit, but would do countless harms. “Iran is not opposed to negotiation with other countries, European or other,” Iran’s Supreme Leader stated, but made it clear, however, that holding talks with the US is a different story.

Ayatollah Mamdouhi added that if we do not overlook the enemies’ movements in the political scene today, they will be able to deceive us and it will not be clear in the future how we can relax in the face of this danger.

His Eminence said that without doubt, the US’ goal in any possible negotiations is to find new ways to infiltrate Iran.

“Therefore, the Supreme Leader, with his great insight, realized that this is all a dangerous conspiracy by its enemies,” he said.

The member of the Assembly of Experts also emphasized that we should not work with the Americans and provide them with a path to influence our country.

“For Iran, the disadvantages of the negotiations and relations with the US are greater than the benefits. No one who is aware and loves his country would want to inflict damage on his country through such a relationship and engagement [with the enemy],” he said.

His Eminence said Ayatollah Khamenei explicitly stated that it is forbidden to negotiate with the US, adding: “The Supreme Leader’s command must be the final word for all officials and political groups and there should not be division and disunity that we have seen over this issue in the country as this is the main aim of the enemies.”

In conclusion, Ayatollah Mamdouhi stressed that maintaining preparedness against any plots or tricks by the enemies is a religious and Quranic commandment, especially during the present time where the US and the West seek to gain influence and interfere in Iran’s domestic affairs through political negotiations.


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