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Execution of Sheikh al-Nimr will lead to collapse of Saudi regime: Ayaollah Javadi Amoli

Grand Iranian Shiite cleric warned against carrying out the death sentence handed by the Saudi regime to Shia cleric Ayatollah Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr.

Releasing a statement, Ayatollah Abdollah Javadi Amoli condemned the death sentence, saying that if it is carried out, the Muslim Ummah would topple the Saudi monarchy.

Ayatollah Nimr, who has been in detention since July 2012, has been sentenced to death by a Saudi court.
Saudi Arabia’s Court of Appeals and Supreme Court have approved the death sentence handed to the senior Shia cleric.

According to some media outlets, the death sentence has been referred to the interior ministry and then the king’s office for the final go-ahead.

Nimr’s lawyer, Sadeq al-Jubran, says Nimr could be executed as soon as the Saudi monarch approves his sentence.


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