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‘Hezbollah Is Honor of Arabs’: Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi

Top Shiite scholar, Grand Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi, in his weekly teaching session in the holy city of Qom criticized the recent statement by some Arab authorities listing Hezbollah as terrorist saying that had it not been for Hezbollah, Zionist regime of Israel had plagued the whole Arab world.

Senior cleric in his remarks called some Arab heads as pseudo claimants of Islam and said,” A recent surprise by some Arab rulers has been issuing a statement and listing Hezbollah as a terrorist group.” And added,” Hezbollah is the very group whose been unique in the history in regards to its brevity and the group who foiled the myth on invincibility of the Zionist regime.”

The cleric referred to the immediate welcome of the Zionist regime for the statement on terrorist allegations against Hezbollah and quoted an Arab paper stating that Arab rulers are such loyal fans of the Zionist regime that it is no surprise to find Israeli Prime Minister as secretary general of the Arab League.

“Here I announce that the Zionist regime is already the non-official secretary general for the Arab League.” Said the cleric and added, “A proof for that is to call Hezbollah, the toughest enemy of the Zionist regime, as a terrorist group.”

Professor of Qom Seminary addressed Arab heads saying,” You should note that you can never hide the honorable achievements of Hezbollah with these shameful statements because it will remain a hero and you will be recalled with shame.”


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