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Iran commander warns of Saudi proxy war in Mideast

A top Iranian military commander warns that Saudi leaders have changed their strategy on Iran and are waging a “proxy war” in the Middle East.

“In recent years, we have been in conflict with Israel, the US and Saudi Arabia in the three areas of military conflict, economy and culture, and Riyadh is currently waging a proxy war in the region,” head of Iran’s Passive Defense Organization Brigadier General Gholam-Reza Jalali said on Monday.

He added that Israel and Saudi Arabia have flooded the region with arms and this is a “serious threat to us.”

Jalali said Iran is monitoring all Saudi moves, stressing that the Islamic Republic must further boost its deterrence power to repel threats posed by its enemies, particularly Saudi Arabia and Israel.

The commander further stated that Al Saud is showing hostility towards Iran in tactics, strategy and goals, adding that Riyadh is stockpiling weapons and purchasing military equipment and this means that threats against Tehran are in the offing.

Jalali noted that the Persian Gulf region is the scene of conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia, adding, “Saudi officials are well aware that since the Persian Gulf is very important to the world, outbreak of any war in this region will be detrimental to Saudi Arabia, first of all, then to Iran and the US, and finally to the entire world.”

He further called on Iranian officials to remain vigilant in the field of cyberspace, because Saudi Arabia has been boosting its capacities in the field of cyberspace in recent years.


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