World remembers Imam Khomeini passing

imam_khumainiIranians, in their millions, are commemorating the 21st passing away anniversary of Imam Khomeini, the architect of the Islamic Republic.

Iranians who show their adoration for the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini are expected to mass in and around the shrine where he has been laid to rest.

The head of Tehran’s traffic police, Hadi Hashemi, says more than two million people, in around 50,000 buses, are anticipated to turn out at the commemoration ceremony.

Imam Khomeini returned to Iran after 14 years in exile to lead the Islamic Revolution that toppled the Pahlavi monarchy back in 1979.

Imam Khomeini passed away on June 3, 1989, ten years after leading the uprising that put an end to the Pahlavi regime.


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