blasts those behind anti-Iran resolution, Zionist murderers

ahmadinejadPresident Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has noted that stating the name of Iranian scientists in the recent anti-Iran resolution is synonymous to presenting their address to Zionist murderers for their assassination.

According to Shiite News Correspondent, in an address to families of war veterans of Mazandaran Province, on Tuesday night, President Ahmadinejad noted that those, who issued the anti-Iran resolution, will be held accountable for these crimes, while adding that the  permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) are hand in gloves with the Zionists.

President warned that if the assassination attempts against Iranian scientists would be repeated, Iran would follow up on all pre-revolution cases, and the cases of 160,000 martyrs of the Sacred Defense, and 40,000 martyrs in different parts of the country and would bring to justice a number of UNSC permanent member states.

President added that: “Today the enemies of Iranian nation imagine by taking away our scientists they can obstruct the progress of Iranian people. But, our security officers will fully protect our scientists.”

In an address to Global Arrogance, President Ahmadinejad noted that the assassination of Iranian scientists only further darkens your cases, because up to now the Iranian nation has given 200,000 martyrs but has not retreated.

The elements linked to Zionist regime martyred an Iranian nuclear scientist and wounded another, through usage of remote-controlled bombs in Tehran on Monday.

One of the assassinated scientists, Dr. Fereydoun Abbasi, has been named in the UNSC Resolution 1747 as a figure related to Iran’s nuclear activities and it is clear that plots were hatched for long for his physical elimination.

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