Saudi Policy on Syria Escalating Regional Tensions: Iran’s DM

Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan denounced Saudi Arabia for fanning the flames of crisis in Syria by sponsoring terrorist groups and for aggravating tensions in the region.

In a meeting with Chief of the General Staff of the Syrian Arab Army General Ali Abdullah Ayoub in Tehran on Tuesday, General Dehqan decried the Saudi regime for supporting terrorist groups in Syria and serving the interests of the US and the Israeli regime, moves that sap the Islamic world’s strategic capacities.

The Iranian general said the Saudi kingdom does not care either about Islamic values or about the Syrian nation, adding that Riyadh’s conduct has intensified tensions and crises in the region.

He also slammed a recent US military strike against a Syrian airbase as an attempt to boost terrorist groups’ morale, ensure the Tel Aviv regime’s security, and justify its illegitimate presence and aggressive measures in the region.

Dehqan further warned neighbors of Syria that violation of the Arab country’s territorial integrity would only escalate the crisis and result in the spread of war and bloodshed.


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