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‘Iranian nation foiled enemy plots’

ahmdi_nijaadThe Iranian nation will only rely on God and resist against arrogant powers with all their resources and without foreign support, said the president in the province of Semnan on Tuesday, shiitenews reported. He added that Iranians firm confronted global arrogance following the victory of the Islamic Revolution (in 1979) and single-handedly resisted against major global powers during Iran’s defensive war in 1980’s , “something that is more than a miracle.”

The president further noted that during the war the enemy also tried to portray our ‘sacred defense’ as aggression, adding that countries engaged in such ploys are today “on verge of collapse.”

He then asked, “Where is that former American president that claimed he wanted to uproot the Iranian nation?”

“Today, the Iranian nation is shining in the world. The name of Iran and its culture, history and values serve as a model and guideline for other nations in the world,” President Ahmadinejad concluded.


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