Tunisians proved their courage to the world

Ayatollah-Golpayegani“You showed your courage to the world as Iranian people did it thirty two years ago,” said one of the jurisprudent in a message to Tunisia people.

According to the Shiite News,Grand Shia cleric Ayatollah Lotfollah Safi Golpaygani in a message congratulated  Tunisian people for returning to their own Islamic identity.

“However the harshness of cruelty delayed this happening but at last the flag of Islam has been raised,” the Grand Ayatollah mentioned referring to the ouster of the former Tunisian president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali who fled his country fortnigh to seek shelter in Saudi Arabia.

“Tunisian people showed their courage to the world as Iranian people did it thirty two years ago” Ayatollah Safi Golpaygani mentioned.

The Senor Cleric underlined,” Muslims all round the world are proud of such returningand hope more achievement and glory for you. Now you have to give your consummate energy and attempt to execute all the Islamic rules in your country and act based on Quran in different realm of your life,” the Grand Ayatollah expressed in part of his message.

The Senior Cleric underscored,” Never forget God that helped you to happen this revolution.”

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