Iran:US liable for Bahrain invasion

nizadIranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has censured foreign military invasion of Bahrain in an attempt to counter people of the Persian Gulf state, holding the US accountable for the move.“This military invasion was a foul and doomed experience. Regional nations hold the US government accountable for such a heinous behavior,” said President Ahmadinejad on Wednesday.“The US seeks to save the Zionist  regime (Israel) and suppress popular uprisings. So, it supports certain governments,” the Iranian chief executive told reporters following a cabinet session.

He added that the ongoing massacres are a stigma for the United States which will “uproot the US” in the region.“How can a person rule his people while he interacts with them via arms? A government should belong to its people,” President Ahmadinejad noted.

He pointed to “unjustifiable and irreversible” acts of violence against anti-government protesters in crisis-hit Bahrain and emphasized that such measures would bear no fruits.The Iranian president recommended that Bahraini officials negotiate with people and meet their demands.

Iran Majlis to probe Bahrain killings

Iran’s Majlis (Parliament) has decided to launch an investigation into the severe suppression of anti-government protesters in Bahrain following the escalation of military crackdown in Manama.

During a closed-door parliamentary session on Wednesday, Iranian lawmakers expressed concerns over the ‘massacre’ of Bahraini people and the deployment of foreign military forces in the country, Majlis Presiding Board spokesman Mohsen Kouhkan told reporters on Wednesday.

“There is a great concern in Majlis over the latest developments in Bahrain, specially because Saudi Arabia and the UAE have deployed forces in Bahrain to suppress the people,” IRNA quoted Kouhkan as saying.

The Iranian parliamentarians urged members of the Majlis Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy to offer practical diplomatic solutions, which could put an end to the ‘slaughter’ of people in Bahrain, he continued.

Saudi Arabia dispatched more than 1,000 troops, who are said to be part of the Persian Gulf countries’ Peninsula Shield Force, to Bahrain at the request of the embattled Bahraini government.

In a similar move, the UAE sent around 500 police forces to neighboring Bahrain on Monday, after Bahrain government’s call for assistance. “The Bahrain government asked us yesterday to look into ways to help them defuse tension in Bahrain,” Emirati Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahyan said on Monday.

Kouhkan reiterated that the Majlis subcommittee is set to work on the ongoing ‘massacre’ in Bahrain in liaison with Iran’s Foreign Ministry and other countries, including Turkey, Iraq and Syria.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Ministry decided on Tuesday to summon Saudi and Swiss ambassadors and Bahraini charge d’affaires over Saudi Arabia’s military intervention to help quell the popular protests.

At least six people died and more than 1,000 others injured on Tuesday in clashes between anti-regime protesters and Bahrain’s security forces.

On Wednesday morning, the Bahraini police, who arrived in tanks and armored vehicles, launched an assault on a group of protesters who had camped out the night before in Manama’s Pearl Square.

The forces, backed by army helicopters, managed to take over the square only moments later.


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