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‘Enemies seek to wage Shia-Sunni war’, Iran

mehmood_nijaadIran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has warned against efforts by the US and its Western allies to incite an Iran-Arab conflict and to wage a Shia-Sunni war in an attempt to save Israel from collapsing.

Addressing people in the western Iranian city of Kermanshah on Thursday, President Ahmadinejad said that US claims about “the establishment of two governments” in Palestine are aimed at saving the Israeli regime from collapse and inflicting harm on the “resistance front.”

“They say one Zionist government and one Palestinian government and this slogan is aimed at saving the defeated Zionist government,” Shiite News quoted the Iranian president as saying.

The Iranian chief executive noted that such “very sophisticated” plots are intended to sow discord and portray a different US face among regional countries. He also called on regional governments and nations to remain vigilant.

President Ahmadinejad pointed to ploys by the West, particularly the United States, to disintegrate Jordan and said, “Enemies intend to disintegrate Jordan. They even refuse to allocate parts of the occupied Palestinian territories to their sophisticated treachery.”

“You should know that the Zionist regime (Israel) is nearing its collapse and no power can save the regime from its definite termination,” he emphasized.

“Zionists have no position among regional countries and nations which have become familiar with the true face of the US and its allies.”

The Iranian chief executive emphasized that the era of “slavery, colonialism and looting” has reached an end and said the Iranian people are standing shoulder to shoulder with regional nations against bullying powers and will disappoint them in their desire to “swallow the region.”

He stressed that the Iranian nation will strongly defend its reputation, interests and territory through prudence.

On Monday, President Ahmadinejad said that the United States and its Western allies are ramping up efforts to disintegrate Jordan and annex parts of it to the West Bank in an attempt to establish a “Palestinian state” with the aim of saving Israel.

He warned regional governments and nations against such plots and urged them to “remain vigilant and not be deceived.”

However, such attempts will not save Israel from definite extinction, President Ahmadinejad concluded.

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