Iranians gather outside Bahrain embassy

shamseddinIranian and foreign students have gathered outside the Bahraini Embassy in Tehran to condemn Manama’s Saudi-backed crackdown on peaceful demonstrators.

Students from universities in Tehran and the northern province of Qazvin gathered outside the Bahraini Embassy building on Friday, Fars News Agency reported.

The angry protesters held banners reading slogans against Saudi Arabia and Bahrain’s royal families of Al Saud and Al Khalifa.

They also condemned the United States and Israel for their involvement in the killing of Bahrainis, and set fire to the US and Israeli flags.

“The unpopular regimes ruling Muslim countries have engaged in killing people and have stepped up their dictatorial rule by arresting and attacking people from different walks of life with the support of colonial powers, the US above them all, amid the shameful silence of media and the international community,” read a statement issued by the students.

They condemned the “unwise” dismissal of university professors and doctors in Bahrain and called on Manama to meet the legitimate demands of its people and put an end to the killing and torture of protesters and opposition figures.

The statement also urged the international human rights organizations and the United Nations to pressure the Bahraini kingdom to stop its use of force against demonstrations.

Present at the Friday demonstration were students from Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria and Syria. The crowd was also addressed by a Bahraini student.

Jafar Ashur, whose cousin has been killed in an attack by government forces, described the atrocities committed by Bahraini forces who are engaged in killing their fellow countrymen with the backing Saudi, Emirati and Kuwaiti troops.


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