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‘Islamic Revolution, step toward Quran’, Ayatullah Sayyed Ali Khamenei

shiitenews ayyat ulla ali khamnaiAyatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei  said the Holy Quran can fulfill all human needs and is a guideline for mankind and stressed that all weaknesses and problems of Muslim nations can be rectified through practicing the Holy Quran.

He was addressing a gathering of reciters of the Holy Quran on the fasting month of Ramadan in Iran. The Leader added that the rule of hegemonic powers in Islamic world has caused looting of economic sources, lack of identity in cultural affairs adding that Quran is a cause for spiritual and material glorification for Muslim nations and Iranians are a clear manifestation of this historical reality. 

Ayatollah Khamenei said that the Islamic Revolution was a step toward Quran and added that Iranians are among the most powerful nations in the world because of resorting to teachings of Islam. 

Expressing pleasure with popularity of Islamic slogans and demands among different Muslim nations, the Leader called it as a cause of dynamism and freshness of the Muslim Umma.

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