Grand Shia Cleric Vows to Fight Against “Dividers”

shiitenews ayatulla janatiA prominent Iranian cleric has said “Muslims will destroy the groups who are divisive.”

Marking the anniversary of the destruction of Shia Imams tombs in Medina, Ayatollah Hossein Nouri Hamedani said ” Muslims will destroy and blur the dividers.” 

The Ayatollah in his message said “With the coming of the eighth of Shawwal, the disastrous and tragic memories of the Destruction of “Baqi tombs” will be reviewed in due this time for Muslims. 88 years ago, the tombs of Shia Imams have been Destructed by a fake religious movement of Islam named ” Wahhabism.” 

“We condemn this criminal act in Saudi Arabia and we suggest Wahhabism to stop creating division among Muslims. These days are the days of Islamic awakening and true and vigilant Muslims should cooperate with each other day to day and should blur the people, who cause division between them.”

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