Saudi plot, diversion from US protests

shiitenews Saudi plot diversion from US protestsIran’s Judiciary Chief says the US assassination allegation against Iran is merely a propaganda campaign to divert public attention from the internal problems of the US and Europe.
Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani made the comments after the US Justice Department on Tuesday accused Iran of involvement in a plot to assassinate Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Washington Adel Al-Jubeir with help from a suspected member of a Mexican drug cartel.

The Iranian judiciary chief said the American media have created a hype to distract attention from the ongoing anti-capitalist protests in the US and the violent police crackdown on these protests, IRIB reported.
But they should know that such tactics are old and worn-out,” Amoli Larijani asserted.
The US is currently grappling with growing protest rallies against corporatism, poverty and social inequity in the country.
The protests which started in Wall Street in New York last month campaign have now spread to major cities in the US including Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Boston, as well as more than 600 communities across the nation.
Describing the anti-Iranian allegations as “laughable”, the Iranian judiciary chief added, “The Islamic Revolution of Iran has no need for assassination.”
“Exporting a revolution does not require assassination. The Islamic Awakening in the Muslim world has been hundreds and millions of times more effective than assassinations,” he said.
The latest accusations come as the United States and its staunch ally, Israel, have devised numerous anti-Iran plots over the past years, including the targeted assassination of Iranian scientists.

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