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Bodies of 3 Shia martyrs of Samarra terrorist attack to arrive in Iran

shiitenews shaheedIranian Commander General of Qasr-e-Shirin said here Wednesday pure bodies of 3 Iranian martyrs of Tuesday Samarra city terrorist attack would arrive In Iran through Khosravi border Thursday.
Hossein Parvin added in an interview with IRNA, “Due to the explosion of a bomb planted by terrorists in the return way of one of a Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization caravan of pilgrims of

Iraq holy shrines from Gilan Province in Al-Musahidah region near Samarra district of Baghdad, three pilgrims of Imam Hussain (P) were unfortunately martyred.
He further informed IRNA, “In that terrorist attack totally seven pilgrims were wounded, three of whom were martyred, and the other four were transferred to the operation rooms of a Baghdad hospital.”
Parvin added, “The wounded victims were later on the same day transferred to Tehran by plane.”
He said that the names of the names of the martyrs who would arrive in through Khosravi border on Thursday are Seyyed Mohammad-Ali Fallah-Abbasi, Zahra Daqiqi, and Hedayat Rowshanvand, all from a caravan from Iran’s Gialn Province.
Iran’s Qasr-e-Shirin border city has 168 kilometers of shared border with Iraq, a 25,000 strong population, and two official borders of International Khosravi and Parviz Khan.

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