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‘Students removed from UK embassy’

Students removed from UK embassyehran Police Chief Brigadier General Hossein Sajedinia says Iranian students who had entered the British embassy compound have been removed.

“The British embassy has been evacuated, and the situation in the embassy is calm,” Sajedinia said on Tuesday. 

Sajedinia added that a number of students in the embassy had been arrested and would be handed over to Iran’s juridical officials, Mehr News Agency reported. 

Earlier on Tuesday, hundreds of Iranian students from different universities entered the compound of the British embassy in Tehran and pulled down Britain’s flag. However, police prevented them from entering the embassy itself. 

Police say they are protecting the embassy building and the documents inside, and the large crowds gathered outside the embassy compound have been dispersed. 

In northern Tehran, Iranian security forces entered a second British diplomatic compound to bring the security situation there under control. Police say all foreign nationals in the compound are under protection of security forces. 

In a statement released later on Tuesday, Iran’s Foreign Ministry expressed regret over the unacceptable actions of a few protesters despite the efforts of Iranian security forces to stop them. 

Stressing the Islamic Republic’s respect for international law and the immunity of diplomatic buildings, Iran’s Foreign Ministry also reiterated the Iranian government’s commitment to protect the diplomatic missions. 

The gathering was held following the approval of a bill aimed at downgrading ties with the UK by the Iran’s Majlis (parliament), and in protest over Britain’s hostile policies towards the Islamic Republic. 

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