Iran Army hacked US drone’s system

Iran Army hacked US drones systemCommenting on Iran’s recent downing of an aggressive US drone, a former CIA agent says the Iranian Army’s experts managed to hack the aircraft’s cyber system and then brought it down.

The downing of the drone by Iran was another defeat for the United States in the area of espionage, Robert Baer, a former US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officer, who used to operate in the Middle East, was cited by French-language Swiss newspaper 20 Minutes as saying, IRNA reported on Saturday. 

On December 4, the Iranian military’s electronic warfare unit announced that Iran had downed with minimal damage the US RQ-170 Sentinel stealth reconnaissance aircraft, while it was in violation of the Iranian airspace. 

The aircraft, designed and developed by the American company Lockheed Martin, had crossed Iran’s border with Afghanistan and was brought down as it was flying above the northeastern city of Kashmar.

Baer also expressed concern about Iran’s access to the sophisticated technology of the stealth aircraft, particularly the operational mechanism of its image-recording camera. 

Iran has announced that it intends to carry out reverse engineering on the aerial vehicle, which is also known as the Beast of Kandahar, and is similar in design to a US Air Force B-2 stealth bomber. 

On December 6, two US officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed that the drone had been part of a CIA reconnaissance mission, involving the US intelligence community stationed in Afghanistan. 

Tehran has urged the United Nations to condemn such contravention and adopt necessary measures to end the ‘dangerous and illegal’ acts. 

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