‘US, Zionists cannot be trusted with Muslim interests, Ayatollah Khamenei

shiitenews rehbarkhameneinamazjumaThe Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, in an address to a massive gathering of people at Tehran’s Friday Prayers, noted that the Islamic Revolution wiped out the oppression and the historical humiliation that was imposed on the Iranian nation, and brought about national honor and freedom for the people of Iran.

Tehran Friday Prayers sermons, the Leader of Islamic Revolution referred to Iran’s advancements and progresses in the post-revolution era, while adding that in the past three decades the Iranian nation overcame all the challenges, including the eight-year imposed war, sanctions, and terrorism; and the Islamic Revolution overcame all these challenges.

Referring to intensification of US sanctions against Iran, the Leader of Islamic Revolution pointed out that the US-imposed sanctions show the inability of the US, and its failure to hold a logical dialogue with Iran, because the US has no logic other that bullying and stirring bloodshed.

In further remarks, the Leader referred to upcoming legislative elections, while adding that the thing that manifests the Iranian nation’s grandeur to the enemy and scares the foes is the people’s participation in elections.

The Leader of Islamic Revolution emphasized that the massive participation of the Iranian nation can influence the performance of all the country’s organizations, and the higher the turnout of people in elections; the higher the credibility and immunity of the sacred Islamic system and the country.

Referring to regional developments, the Leader of Islamic Revolution pointed out that the revolutionary movements of people in the region, including regional countries such as Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya bore fruit, and a major move took place which is auspicious.

The Leader underlined that some of the outcomes of the revolutionary movements in regional countries include the weakness, fragility, and isolation of the Zionist regime of Israel, and raised hopes of the Palestinian youths toward the future.

In further remarks, the Leader of Islamic Revolution underlined that the revolution of Bahraini nation has been boycotted by all the global media and the Bahraini revolution has been more oppressed compared to other revolutions across the world.

The Leader of Islamic Revolution further termed the allegations of the Bahraini rulers, who claimed that Iran interferes in the domestic affairs of Bahrain, as a wrong viewpoint. The Leader further pinpointed that Iran is against the Zionist regime of Israel, and openly assists any nation or any group that struggles against the illegal Zionist entity.

In further remarks, the Leader of Islamic Revolution underscored that today, the US and Europe are facing weaknesses in economic, political, and global arenas, while adding that the US has failed in regard to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine, and is facing problems in its internal affairs, including the four-month long protests and demonstrations of American people throughout the streets of different US states.

The Leader of Islamic Revolution, in the second sermons of Tehran Friday Prayers, speaking in Arabic, warned against West’s efforts to derail the popular revolutions in Arab countries, and noted that the common features of all the ousted regimes had been their opposition to religion. Furthermore, these ousted dictatorships were the West’s client regimes; had collaborated with the Zionists; and had betrayed the Palestinian cause.

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