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Insulting Iranian President for dlrs 15 per hour!!!

iran youm isaq rasolWhile Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is in New York, Four American young cyclists have been hired by an advertising agency for 15 dollars per hour to hold insulting banners in front of the Warwick Hotel where the visiting Iranian President is staying during his New York visit.

The young men were hired by an agency which was paid for by the terrorist Mujahedin Khalq Oragainzation (MKO).
Economic crisis in the US which claims to be a global economic pole forced American youth to make a living even by insulting president of another country who has come to New York to attend the 67th UN General Assembly.
Spending enormous money, the MKO asked the advertising agency to display posters and banners insulting the Iranian President around and near the residence of Iran’s diplomatic delegation in New York while Ahmadinejad is there for the UN meeting.
To this end, the four American youth were instructed to pedal around the Warwick Hotel while carrying anti-Ahmadinejad banners and posters.
Speaking to IRNA in a short interview, they were questioned if they knew what they were doing. The men said this was their job and they were doing that to make a living.
Asked why he accepted to insult president of another country, one of the four said this was just his job and he must do that as he was told to.
“We must do whatever our boss wanted us to do,” said the 21-year-old man who had no idea of the president whom he was insulting to.
His 20-year-old colleague joined the conversation, saying Americans only trust what they see in CNN or other American media.
“CNN says that Iran is to produce nuclear bomb to give them to Hamas and the Hezbullah of Lebanon and we do not think that it is not true,” said the young man.
When asked if he was sure about what he was saying , he replied: “American media says so.”
Asked what he thought about hundreds of nuclear weapons and warheads stored by the Zionist regime, he said he had not even heard about it.
Standing by his bicycle holding anti-Ahmadinejad posters, the third young man said he knew not much about Iran and he was doing the job just to make money.
He did not even know the name of the Iranian President.
He said they were told to display the insulting posters and banners during President Ahmadinejad’s six-day stay in New York to earn 15 dollars per hour.

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