Iran capable of responding to any regional crisis: Iranian President

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has stressed that regional countries are capable of resolving their own problems without unwanted interference from the US or Israel.

Rouhani made the remarks following a Saturday meeting with head of Iran’s Judiciary Sadeq Larijani and Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani.

“Regional countries must solve problems among themselves. They also must not think that the region will enjoy unity and security through military means or the support of Zionists and Americans,” he said.

Rouhani further said that some countries are engaged in “adventurism” in the region, noting that Washington and Tel Aviv support such dangerous measures.

While stressing that Tehran is fully capable of responding to any crisis by any means necessary, he added that negotiations and diplomacy are always Iran’s top priority.

In an apparent reference to Riyadh, the Iranian president censured the interference in Lebanon’s internal affairs, and added that the people of Lebanon would overcome such plots as Iraqis and Syrians did.

He also hailed the results of a Wednesday meeting between the presidents of Iran, Russia, and Turkey in the Russian Black Sea resort city of Sochi over the Syrian crisis.

Iran, Russia and Turkey are acting as the guarantors of a ceasefire in Syria. The three countries joined efforts in late 2016 with the aim of returning peace to the crisis-hit country. Since then, the three counties have taken successful strides on the path to peace, mediating talks between the Syrian government and the foreign-backed opposition. Before that, Russia and Iran were allied with the Damascus government, while Turkey supported the anti-Damascus front.


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