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Grand Ayatollah Taskhiri: “Excommunication blocks rationality”

ayatulla taskiriGrand Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Taskhiri, Chairman of the Supreme Council at the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought, issued a message addressing the international proximity conference on “Islam and Respecting the Blood of the Innocent People” and rejected excommunication saying that the issue blocks the way for rational dialogue and behavior.

Ayatollah Taskhiri in his message stressed,” Excommunication blocks rational behavior during dialogues; therefore, there will be no space for fraternity and unity.” Adding,” That is when the sides move towards rejection, elimination or violation of each other’s rights, even the right to live.”

Sheikh Ahmad Alzain, top Lebanese cleric, in this conference said,” What should we name a person who carrying weapons, shouting “God is the Greatest”, shoots other people and kills other Muslims?”

Lebanese scholar reiterated,” Here we stress that the right of people to live, is a sacred right and violation of this right is never acceptable.”

Omar al Barzanji, Iraqi Ambassador to Lebanon, demanded the formation of a world board of dialogue to form a real move for dialogue between Muslim scholars and the excommunicators.”

“Essam Ghandoor” another top cleric attending the conference urged Muslim leaders to maintain resistance and unity against the excommunicators.

Three-day international conference on “Islam and Respecting the Blood of the Innocent People” kicked off in the Lebanese capital of Beirut on November 10th.

Muslim leaders and prominent Islamic figures from Islamic Republic of Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and other Arab countries discuss “Man in Islam” and “Homicide, Suicide attack or Martyrdom” and importance of prevention of murdering the civilians in Islam among other topics.

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