Ayat. Khatami condemns Zionistsˈ Gaza crimes

khatmi ËˆThe blood soaking and tyrant Zionist regime once again attacked Gaza; The point is: the dirty life of the usurper regime is linked with such brutalities,ˈ Ayatollah Khatami said in his second Friday prayers sermon to large groups of Tehrani worshippers.

He said, ˈWe should say well-done to the (Islamic) Resistance (Movement), which gave a crushing response to the Zionist regime this time too. Thatˈs a Quranic order and I should tell the Resistance that it is the right move.ˈ

Ayatollah Khatami, who is the Experts Assembly member, then touched on Iranˈs stance vis-à-vis the US. ˈIranˈs stance is as before and the Iranian nation will not fall short in the face of the arrogance.ˈ

He said it would be a wishful thinking to suppose there would be a change in the policy if this or that pro-US party comes on power.

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