Sunni Friday prayers leader says world Arrogance is after manipulating Muslims

sunni molvi“The arrogance world and western countries through resorting to different plots try to manipulate Muslims and control their thoughts and beliefs,” said one of the Friday Prayer Leaders of Sanandaj, Mamousta Hesam Al-din Mojtahedi, .

The Sunni scholar pointed to the recent revolutions in Muslims countries and said that the recent wave of Islamic Awakening in Muslim counties and the increase of Muslims’ knowledge in different political, social and cultural areas faced western countries with fiasco.

“In recent years, we observed that western countries failed in their malignant attempts and Muslims could foil the plots hatched by them (western countries),” Mamousta Hesam Al-din Mojtahedi mentioned.

“Western countries, more recently, concocted new machinations in the cultural arenas especially among Muslims Youth,” he said.

“Through using media and negative propaganda, they try to make a gap between Muslims youths and their religious credos and beliefs,” the Sunni scholar mentioned.

“The increase in the average marriage age range sets the ground for many abnormalities in the cultural, social and moral realms,” he said.
“It is incumbent upon families to facilitate the process of marriage to avoid the negative consequences of such issue,” the Sunni scholar mentioned.


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