Grand Ayatollah Hamedani: Islamic Revolution gives Nations courage

ayatollah hamdani“The courage of standing against the U.S is a gift given to the nations from the Islamic Republic of Iran”, said the Islamic Jurisprudent, Ayatollah Hussein Nouri Hamedani.

After the victory of Islamic republic of Iran, the situation changed and people got this power to stand against the arrogant world and the U.S.

The Islamic scholar underlined the important role of government in human lives and said,” a corrupted government divert human from the right path and that is the reason why all the divine religious prophets fought with such governments.

Ayatollah Hussein Nouri Hamedani underlined that all infallible Imams urged Muslims to stand against those insane people who try to manipulate nations, plundering their resources and wealth.

The grand Ayatollah pointed to the capitalist system of west and said,” the main reason behind the recent economic crisis in western countries is because of the fact that giving and taking interest is rampant among nations.”

The senior cleric mentioned,” in western countries few people have every things but the
majority of people are deprived of wealth and welfare.

In other part of his speech, Qom seminary instructor called on Muslims to do their best in saving the political, cultural and military boarders of Islamic Republic of Iran and said,” our boarders should be strong in different realms, inasmuch as the enemies change its policies regarding the present condition.”


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