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Iran to probe deaths of Iranians in Samarra bombing

samrraIran will probe deaths of Iranian pilgrims in terrorist bomb attacks in Samarra.

Director General of Haj and Pilgrimage Organization in charge of Holy Sites Masoud Akhavan said that the Islamic Republic of Iran dispatched a team of experts to Samarra, Iraq, to hold inquiry into deaths of Iranian pilgrims in terrorist bombing.

Talking to reporters, Akavan siad that there are Iranian security companies in Iraq that are escorting all the Iranian pilgrimage caravans.

Referring to the explosion of the bus carrying Iranians in Samarra last week, he said that the event is currently under investigation.
He said that unfortunately, the road to Samarra lacks sufficient security and other services and that major troubles have happened to the Iranian pilgrims heading to the religious city.

On the rise in cost of pilgrimage, he said that in view of fluctuations in foreign exchange rates, the cost of travel to Iraqi the holy sites has increased in the past several months.

Akhavan said that the Iranian officials are in talks with the Iraqi leaders to cut the expenses for visiting Iraq.


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