Jalili Renews Iran’s Stance in Support of Palestinian Issue and Resistance

saeed jalilliSecretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, Saeed Jalili, renewed his country’s stance in support of the Palestinian issue and resistance and the Palestinian rights.

During his meeting with the leaderships of Palestinian resistant factions in Damascus on Sunday, Jalili stressed the importance of protecting holy sites, on top of which is Jerusalem “the capital of Palestine, the Arabs and the Muslims”.

For their part, the factions’ leaders discussed the latest developments in the Palestinian arena and the situation in the region, stressing their adherence to the resistant choice and to all the national rights of the Palestinian people on top of which is the right of return.

Secretary of Iran Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Saeed Jalili has warned against plots hatched by Israel and its allies against the Muslim world, saying the Tel Aviv regime will regret attacking Syria.

“As the Zionist regime [of Israel] regretted its aggression and hostility during its 33-day, 22-day and 8-day wars, it will also regret this attack [on Syria],” Jalili said during a press conference in the Syrian capital, Damascus, on Monday.

He added that Syria is an important part of the Muslim world which is at the front line of confrontation with the Israeli regime, emphasizing that the Muslim world would never allow any aggression against Syria.

The SNSC secretary noted that the Syrian government and nation are serious in this regard and reaffirmed the support of the Muslim world for the Arab country.

As the rotating president of the Non-Aligned Movement, the Islamic Republic of Iran will use all its international and legal capacities to back Syria, Jalili pointed out.

He urged Muslim countries to show “necessary reaction” to Israel’s recent airstrike against Syria and prove that the Muslim world is united to defend its entirety and the resistance.

The top Iranian official also warned against plots to cause internal conflicts in the Muslim world in order to reduce the pressure under which the Zionist regime is reeling as a result of unity and resistance of Muslims.


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