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Ayatollah Seddiqi: Enemy’s sanctions plot faced defeat

ayatulla siddiqiTehran Friday Prayers Leader Hojjatoleslam Kazem Seddiqi said in his second sermon here Friday US and West failed achieving their objectives in imposing their sanctions against Iran; were incapable of weakening Iranian nationˈs will.

Addressing thousands of worshipper at first Friday Prayers ritual in the Iranian New Year, 1392, held at central campus of Tehran University, Hojjatoleslam Seddiqi added, ˈThe astonishing achievements and advancements of the Islamic Republic of Iran in scientific field, such as nuclear activities, nano technology, medical advancements, manufacturing modern aircraft, launching satellites with living creatures to the space and its successful return, are all signs of systemˈs success as well as defeat of Westˈs sanctions.ˈ
This weekˈs Tehran Friday preacher referred to the nomination of the (Iranian new) year 1392 as the Year of Political Epic, Year of Economic Epic by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, noting, ˈHis Eminence Ayatollah (Seyyed Ali Khameneˈie based the political and economic epics on the sensitivity of the time, and on the issues that we must consider our prime priorities.ˈ
He reiterated, ˈIn the year 2012 and basically speaking throughout the past 34 years after the victory of the Islamic Revolution the enemy has been constantly at war against us and trying to detach the people from the revolution, while it was this very same people who created this revolution and our political system has not been established based on a coup, or based on foreign interference.ˈ
The interim Friday Prayers leader of Tehran reiterated, ˈSo long as the Iranian people would remain faithful to their religion, the flag of vicegerency (of the Prophet – P) would keep on hoisting and the might of the vicegerent and the people would remain intact.ˈ
Hojjatoleslam Seddiqi pointed out that the day when the people would get fed up with their religion would be the day of defeat both for the revolution and for the nation, saying, ˈThe enemy tried to detach the people from religion and to show that politics and religion cannot go together, and in order to achieve those goals it has leaved not stone unturned, having assumed that by imposing harsh economic sanctions it would manage to make the people lose hope and abandon the revolution, unaware of the fact that Godˈs Light cannot be turned off.ˈ
The Friday preacher of Tehran referred to the epical presence of the people at the Bahman 22nd (Feb 11th) nationwide rallies (marking the 34th anniversary of the Islamic Revolutionˈs victory) as well as the broad welcome that the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution received in his visit of the North Khorassan province, adding, ˈThe people showed that the greater the notorious power of the enemy would be in encountering the will of the Iranian nation, and the more stone hearted they would act, the more resolute would be the faith of our people.ˈ
With the Experience of Sedition, People Would Dismantle Every Plot
Hojjatoleslam Seddiqi pointed out they in the field of security, the country has emerged victorious, both inside the country, and abroad, saying, ˈToday, too, relying on the experience of the past, as well as the farsightedness and illuminations of the sagacious Leader of the Revolution, the people are getting ready so that in the upcoming elections, too, no unwelcome event would occur.ˈ
The interim Friday Prayers leader of Tehran referred to the exemplary resistance of Gaza residents against the totalitarian tendencies of the illegitimate Zionist entity, reiterating, ˈOutside Iran we were witnesses to the eight-day brave resistance of Gaza against the hellish war machine of Israel, which urged the enemy to kneel down without any conditions, and that victory was achieved thanks to the backing of the Islamic Iran and the Gaza leaders, too, thanked us, and the world knew that Gaza was backed from here.ˈ
Election Advices of Tehran Friday Preacher
Elsewhere in his second sermon of this weekˈs Tehran Friday Prayers, Hojjatoleslam Seddiqi focused on the upcoming Presidential Elections of the country, saying, ˈSince the Iranian political system is an Islamic Republic, its republican aspect depends on the presence of the people at the scenes and its Islamic aspect on the Leadership of the Supreme Source of Jurisprudence (Velayat-e Faqih); therefore, the presence of the people at the election polls both means their fidelity to the late Imam (Khomeini – P) and the martyrs, and as sign of their deep insight.ˈ
He added, ˈThe presence of the people in the elections is the declaration of revolutionary vivaciousness and conduct of the people, encountering the notorious moves of the enemy, paving the path for internal security, and strengthening the post-revolution government, because the higher the votes would be the greater the legitimacy of the government would be both inside Iran and abroad.ˈ
The interim Friday Prayers leader of Tehran referred to the 98.2% participation of the Iranians at the Farvardin 12th, 1358 (April 1st, 1979 ) referendum in which the people voted in favor of establishing the Islamic Republic of Iran, saying, ˈFarvardin 12th was among the divine days, because it is unprecedented in any revolution to put choosing the type of the countryˈs future political system up to the votes of the people in a referendum in less than 50 days after its victory, and to consider the people the real owners of the revolution and the country.ˈ
Hojjatoleslam Seddiqi emphasized, ˈRelying on the experience of the past 34 years, I have faith in the fidelity of the Iranian nation, and I know that these people trust the Supreme Leader today, as much as they trusted the late Imam Khomeini (P); the religious spirit of the people would make them pursue the path showed to them by the Supreme Leader and to participate in the elections.ˈ
He reiterated that the candidates, too, should try to please God, and those who have felt religiously obliged to nominate themselves, should once again calculate keeping in mind their own conscience and God only, and to form coalitions with those who are expected to gain more votes, so that the remaining hopefuls would gain a greater number of votes, and the society would be more centralized.ˈ


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