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Grand Iranian Shiite Cleric Condemns Boston Terrorist Bombings

makramGrand Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi, Iranian Shia jurisprudent, slammed the recent blast in Boston Marathon saying that insecurity is an issue that spreads and blamed the criminals within the country for the incident.

He said Islam never approves such incidents to happen in any part of the world adding that most probably some criminals from the US are behind the attack.

Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi in the beginning of his Fiqh course referring to the recent explosions happened in America saying that these events probably is caused by the local criminals stated: the today’s world is turned in to a village; it is not possible that one place remains secure whereas other places are not safe.

He stressed,” The United States has brought insecurity to Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan and now the threat has spread to other parts of the world.” And added that world leaders have to follow a logical path so that security embraces all countries.

Ayatollah Makarem warned that terrorists and extremists are everywhere in the world and said,” When terrorism spreads in the world and the media supports that, then the extremists would be encouraged to commit more crimes and insecurity spreads across all countries.”

He addressed the US authorities and demanded their efforts for prevalence of peace in all countries including the US itself where is a potential country for social insecurity.


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