Sayyida Fatima a perfect role model for young generation: Ayat. Sobhani

At the Yaase Nebbavi mourning convention which was held at the seminar hall of Imam Kazem (as) school and was attended by missionaries that will be sent around Iran during the martyrdom anniversary of Lady Fatemah Zahra (sa), Grand Ayatollah Sobhani thanked Iran’s Endowment and Charity Affairs Organization for sending expert missionaries around the country and made some remarks on the subjects that should be discussed during Lady Fatemah Zahra (sa) mourning ceremonies.

Senior Shia cleric asserted, “If we want to present a perfect and comprehensive role model to the young generation of today, Lady Fatemah Zahra (sa) would be one of the best. In fact, giving examples and patterns is one of the most important educational methods in Islam and psychology.”

Ayatollah Sobhani stated, “Content of the pulpit speeches should be derived from Qur’an and hadiths of the Ahlulbayt (as).” He added, “Of course, this does not mean that we cannot make use of other fields; we may also employ useful and proper poetry and stories, but all of these should be in order to explain the Quranic teachings.”

Ayatollah Sobhani went on to say, “God is observing all of our words and deeds, and we should consider this fact at all times, including time of Islamic propagation, so we only take steps on the basis of divine satisfaction.”


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