Ayatollah Movahhedi: Political epic disheartened enemy

mehdviTehran Friday Prayers preacher this week reiterated that enthusiastic and landslide presence of people at the 11th IRI Presidential Election, which was a positive response to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khameneie’s call, disheartened Iran’s enemies.

“The Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution had attached great importance to the people’s presence at the ballot boxes of the elections and the enemy was disheartened because it realized that the people are the obedient followers of their Supreme Source of Jurisprudence (Vali-ye Faqih)” said Ayatollah Mohammad-Ali Movahhedi-Kermai in his second sermon.

Addressing hundreds of Tehrani worshipers at the football-field-turned-to-prayer-ground of the central campus of the University of Tehran, the prominent cleric added, “The enemy realized in the course of this election that the attachment bond between the Supreme Leader and the people is unbreakable.”

The provisional Friday Prayers imam of Tehran appreciated the broad presence of the revolutionary Iranian nation at the June 14th elections, reiterating, “This great nation should be appreciated and of course our thanking should not be limited to our words of mouths, as the officials should prove in practice that they are at the service of them.”

Ayatollah Movahhedi-Kermani congratulated President-elect Hassan Rowhani on his election by the nation and referring to him as a revolutionary personality.

He added, “He is definitely both a political and religious man, and a strong and tactful manager who is fit for the post, who has both during the late Imam (Khomeini’s) era, and during the leadership of His Eminence Ayatollah Khameneie been a faithful follower of the leader.”

The Friday preacher of Tehran referred to the address of the now president-elect at Ark Mosque before the victory of the Islamic Revolution in which he referred to him for the first time as “Imam Khomeini” reiterating, “Mr. Rowhani has both during the time of severe censorship (of the ousted last Shah of Iran) fought against that regime and after the revolution addressed the people in unforgettable lectures.”

Movahhedi-Kermani advised the president-elect to study every single verse of the Glorious Qur’an and to contemplate about their meanings to prepare himself for shouldering the heavy responsibility that his is about to accept, thru proper application of the religious orders.

The provisional Friday prayers leader of Tehran referred to Imam Ali’s state order to Malik Ashtar, whom he had appointed as the governor of Egypt, emphasizing, “One of the suggestions of that imam (P) stated in that order is on choice of the system officials; the choice of ministers, deputies, and consultants is a very tough job and we pray that Almighty Allah would assist him in this respect.”

Ayatollah Movahhedi-Kermani meanwhile asked the people to assist their president-elect in appointing his cabinet members, adding, “if you trusted persons with responsibilities, test and evaluate them, and take advantage of the individuals who have emerged successful from the previous tests.”

The Friday preacher of Tehran further emphasized, “Imam Ali adds, ‘If you trust somebody with a responsibility also appoint a secret agent to make sure whether or not he would not take disadvantage of his power and your secret agents, too, must be truthful and faithful to you.”

He added, “I am sure the president-elect would choose elites who have emerged victorious in tests of fidelity to the Supreme Leader and in addition to being fond of the revolution, they are also sympathizers and servants of the nation for his cabinet.”

The provisional Friday prayers leader also expressed hope that the president-elect would choose the right people for his cabinet who would be able to solve the country’s problems, and particularly the people’s economic problems.

Comparing the Islamic system with the non-Islamic governments, Ayatollah Movahhedi-Kermani said that the Emir of the Pious, Imam Ali (P) in his state order to Malilk Ashtar says, “Take advantage of your power like a physician for the people; the people might ask for things which are not to their benefit.”

He also congratulated the people for the Iranian National Football Team’s success in qualifying to attend the 2014 Brazil World Cup, as well as the “dear football players who created this pride,” and prayed for evermore prides for the great and dear nation.


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