Iran condemns killing of Palestinians in occupied areas

Despite the fact that the Zionist regime has a long history of occupation, killing and crime, unfortunately, the indomitable support of the President Donald Trump and the US administration and the shameful efforts by some neophyte leaders in the region to establish relations with Israeli regime will further encourage Zionist leaders to kill Palestinian youths, Bahram Qasemi said.

He also urged the rnational community to take urgent and firm measures against the Zionist regime’s recent crimes.

At this time, the regional countries should use all their national and popular forces to counter the Zionists’ expansionist and anti-humanitarian policies instead of addressing their internal conflicts and threatening other Islamic states, he added.

Certainly, the leaders of certain countries in the region known to have made secret contacts with the Zionist regime to appease US are responsible for the killing of scores of Palestinians and should respond to the world’s public opinion, Qasemi reiterated.

He referred to recent crimes in the occupied territories as indicative of the inhumane nature of this regime.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Qasemi underlined the resistance of Muslim countries to end occupation and full respect for Palestinians’ rights.

During the peaceful protests held by Palestinians in Gaza Strip, Israeli military forces killed 15 Palestinians most of whom under 16 and injured about 1,500 others. This is while none of the protesters was armed.

According to Palestine health ministry 1,416 people have so far been injured.


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