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Imam Khamenei outlines ways out of present problems in Islamic World

ali khamnai5Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in a message to the Disavowal of Pagans ceremony during the Hajj rituals on Monday outlined ways out of the present problems facing the Islamic World.

Unity under the flag of monotheism and identifying the enemy as well as confronting its conspiracies are ways to solve the existing problems of the Islamic World, said the Supreme Leader in his message which was read to the Hajj pilgrims in Arafat desert in Saudi Arabia.

The ceremony is attended by a large number of pilgrims, including Iranian pilgrims, as well as Supreme Leader’s Representative to Hajj Hojatoleslam Ali Qazi-Asgar and a number of Iranian diplomats in Saudi Arabia.

The Disavowal of pagans ceremony is held each year during the Hajj rituals by Iranian and other Hajj pilgrims to condemn the anti-Islam approach of arrogant powers, especially that of the US.


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