Iran has proof of Saudi role in Beirut embassy blasts: MP

mpIran has obtained evidence confirming the role of Saudi Arabia’s intelligence apparatus in the recent terrorist attack on the Islamic Republic’s Embassy in Beirut, an Iranian lawmaker says.

“We have proof and evidence that the terrorist act in front of Iran’s Embassy in Beirut has been carried out by Takfiri groups affiliated to Saudi Arabia’s intelligence system,” Mansour Haqiqatpour, a member of Iran’s Majlis Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy, told reporters on the sidelines of an open parliamentary session on Sunday.

Haqiqatpour, along with other members of an Iranian parliamentary delegation, has recently returned from a trip to Lebanon following the terrorist incident.

“The intelligence investigations by the Lebanese officials have reached a good point and the terrorists have been identified, but they are tracking the roots of these agents,” the Iranian lawmaker said.

A number of the perpetrators of the terrorist attack have been trained in the camp of Seida in southern Lebanon, he pointed out.

On November 19, two blasts outside Iran’s Embassy in the southern neighborhood of Janah in Beirut left at least 25 people dead, including six Iranian nationals, and wounded over 150 others.

According to reports, the first explosion took place when a bomber blew his explosives near the gate of the embassy, and the second blast happened just meters away when a car bomb went off.

An al-Qaeda-linked group, Abdullah Azzam Brigades, has claimed responsibility for the twin bombings.

Lebanese authorities have identified a Palestinian national and Lebanese national Mouin Abu Daher as the perpetrators of the attack.

Evaz Heidarpour, another member of the Majlis delegation which traveled to Lebanon, pointed to Riyadh’s role in the terrorist attack, noting, “The Saudi government seeks to provoke conflicts between Shia and Sunni.”

Heidarpour said that the terrorist operation was meant to destroy the Iranian Embassy building but was not successful in this regard.

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