Rouhani says military threats against Iran ‘delusions’

rohani36President Hassan Rouhani says world powers should have no “delusions” about resorting to a military option should talks on the country’s nuclear program fail.
“I say explicitly, if some have delusions of having any threats against Iran on their tables, they need to wear new glasses. There is no military option against Iran on any table in the world,” Rouhani said in comments marking the 35th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.
Elsewhere in his address, Rouhani said a gesture favoring moderation, unity and resistance against foreign colonialism made Iranian nation victorious.
He said the Islamic Revolution managed to topple a coup dˈetat regime, putting an end to the unwise interventions of the US.
“Our revolution did not rely on any foreign power; no country, no superpower and no power –even when a bipolar system governed the world those eras – could help a foreign country triumph over us. That was our nation that resisted against humiliations with religious and Islamic motivation,” IRNA quote the president as saying.
He shifted subject of his address to economy and said, “Our financial markets have over the past six months witnessed a relative tranquility. Our people have more than ever moved in the path of peace, friendship and calm, having us to focus on unity in the future.”
He said in the universities and press more freedom and tranquility governs and the path to research, knowledge and technology is paved more than ever, all thinking on elevation and promotion.
He said his government cares for the law, intending to counter law breaking.
Rouhani then described his ˈGovernment of Prudence and Hopeˈ as a government having its roots in public votes and being shaped on the same basis.
He said the government renews allegiance with the people that would stick to the revolutionary goals and aspirations, guidelines of the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution and public views.
The president said the government will insist on demands of the great Iranian nation and its dignity and prosperity and it would continue resistance.
He added that in six months since his government has come in power, the country is more stable economically, socially and politically as the society is more tranquil.
He went on to say that his government will fulfill all its election campaign promises.


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