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Iran to send delegation to Pakistan on kidnapped border guards, official

iran border2Deputy Interior Minister for Security and Law Enforcement Affairs Ali Abdollahi said Iran is to dispatch a delegation to Pakistan next week to follow up the fate of five Iranian border guards kidnapped by Jeish ul-Adl terrorist group.

Talking to IRNA on Wednesday, he said the governorate office of Sistan and Baluchestan province in southeastern country where the kidnapping took place is in charge of the trip.

He also pointed out that the Iranian border officials too have hold meetings with their Pakistani counterparts on the issue.

The official explained that clear evidence proves that members of the terrorist group have crossed the Pakistani border into Iran and then returned after kidnapping the soldiers.

Abdollahi added the Iranian Foreign Ministry has summoned the Pakistani ambassador to protest against the incident.

The ministry voiced Iranˈs deep concern over the issue and called for an immediate investigation into the case by Islamabad.

Since several terrorist incidents have occurred along Iran-Pakistan border line in the past few months, Tehran has urged the Pakistani government to take measures to prevent repetition of such crimes in the future.


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