Kashani: Economists, govˈt should devise resistance economy policies

iran kashani Interim Friday prayers imam of Tehran asked countryˈs economists and cabinet ministers in his sermon this week to devise required polices for proper implementing the resistance economy, as the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ai Khameneˈie has advised.
 Addressing hundreds of Tehrani worshipers, Ayatollah Mohammad Emami-Kashani said in his second sermon that the President and his cabinet members are all eager to implement such policies.

ˈThe job has to be carried out by the governmentˈs executive body after the related required policies would be devised by the economic experts,ˈ he said.

The Friday prayers leader said that the important point is proper devising of such policies and their proper implementation.

That is while the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khameneˈie said on Tuesday that resistance economy will help the nation develop independent economy away from crude oil revenues.

The Supreme leader said that the independent economy can stand on its own vis-a-vis the global economic meltdown and financial crisis.

ˈOn the other hand, the Islamic Republic of Iran is exposed to conspiracies, ill-intention and sabotage due to its resolve for independence, dignity and refusal to come under influence by policies of the world powers,” the Supreme Leader told a group of officials of Ministry of Finance and Economy, in reference to the western sanctions.

Ayatollah Khameneˈie said that on the basis of the fundamentals and logical reasons, the economic pillars of the country should become more consolidated and more resistant and not to allow inevitable events and shocks and sabotage of the western governments influence the national economy.

The Supreme Leader highlighted ten features of the resistance economy as follows: Economic dynamism and betterment of major economic indices; resistance to threats; Reliance on domestic potentials; the Jihadi approach; public orientation; Guaranteeing safe supply of basic and essential items, especially food and medicine, and self-sufficiency; reforming consumption pattern; campaign against corruption with scientific approach.

Ayatollah Khameneˈie said that the chronic and long-lasting problems as inflation, unemployment, dependence on crude oil, excessive imports, defect of financial structures, low productivity and improper consumption patterns cannot be removed unless through a well-planned program, on the basis of the resistance economy.

Ayatollah Khameneˈie said confronting the full-fledged economic war of enemies is among other factors to adopt the resistance economy.

“Sanctions did exist well before the nuclear energy episode and they will be in effect even once the talks are God willing getting to the point of settlement because nuclear and human rights as well as other issues are mere excuses and the western governments and the bullying powers are scared of Iranian nation’s resolve of independence and serving as a role model.”

“To foil economic pressures of enemies, we should make our economy powerful and strong to the extent that they get disappointed with effect of their pressures; this will not be possible unless by implementation of the declared policies.”


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