Iranian Sunni cleric says takfiris a serious threat for Muslim world”

takfiri viewSenior Iranian MP warned against influence of extremist Takfiri (excommunicating) movements in the region calling the deviate move as the biggest threat for the world of Islam.

Mamusta Abdul Rahman Khodayee, representative of Kurdistan Province in the Assembly of Experts in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency expressed regret over confrontation of Muslims against each other saying that to prevent development of Muslims is one of the heinous objectives seriously pursued by the enemies of Islam.

Mamusta Khodayee added,” To launch and support Takfiri groups and also arming these movements with different types of weapons is among the strategies of the enemies of Islam against Muslims who are busy with their plots in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria at the moment.”

He called all Muslims to be vigilant against hostile plots and foil their efforts through boosting unity among themselves.

Sunni Friday prayer leader of Baneh County in Kurdistan Province reiterated,” Arrogant powers and global Zionism wage sectarian strives and support Takfiri groups and this way they achieve all their objectives without paying any political or financial price.”

Mamusta Khodayee added, “Unfortunately the weapons which are used to kill Muslim women and kids are funded by the money from Muslim state oil.”

Iranian Sunni elite urged for enlighten the younger Muslim generation against Takfiri and extremist movements and concluded,” Certainly all-out cooperation of the people is the most important element in finding and confrontation with Takfiri thoughts and followers of all Islamic denominations are expected to feel responsible for the end.”


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