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Hawkish pressure behind U.S. denial of visa to Iranian nominee for UN

iran un.envoyThe US has refused to issue a visa to Iran’s appointee for the position of UN ambassador under pressure from the right-wing hawkish elements of the US Congress, a political analyst says.

“…The White house has basically followed the lead of right-wing hawkish elements of the US Congress who opposed the [Geneva] nuclear agreement and want to exploit this issue in order to undermine the talks,” Kaveh Afrasiabi said in an interview with Press TV on Wednesday.

Washington has decided to deny visa to Iran’s new UN envoy pick, Hamid Aboutalebi, over his alleged involvement in the takeover of the US Embassy in Tehran during post-revolution incidents in 1979.

On April 10, the US House of Representatives unanimously approved a legislation that prevents Aboutalebi from entering the US. The White House has also said it would not issue a visa to Aboutalebi.

Afrasiabi referred to Iran’s diplomatic measures taken in response to Washington’s decision as appropriate options.

“Iran has taken the proper steps of lodging a complaint to the UN Secretary General [Ban Ki-moon] and appealing to the special General Assembly committee that overlooks such matters,” he said.
Under the 1947 Headquarters Agreement, the United States, as the host country of the UN, is required to allow access to the world body for foreign diplomats.
Iran’s Deputy Ambassador to the UN Hossein Dehqani on Tuesday called on the UN to confront the US over its illegal and unconventional move.
On November 4, 1979, a group of Iranian university students took over the US Embassy in Tehran, which they believed had turned into a den of espionage. Documents found at the compound later corroborated the claims by the students.


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