Senior Army Commander Reiterates Iran’s Opposition to N. Weapons

irani topcommanderWeapons of mass destruction have no place in Iran’s defensive strategy, a senior army commander underlined, adding that the indigenous defense equipment and mighty armed forces have obviated the need for any such weapons, including nuclear ones.

“The power of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s armed forces relies upon the role of rich culture and indigenous know-how,” Commander of the Iranian Army Ground Force Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan said, addressing a gathering of foreign military attaches, here in Tehran on Sunday.
The top officer then reiterated that Iran has no need of any type of weapons of mass destruction, since “the Islamic republic of Iran, thanks to its indigenous and powerful weapons, is capable of repelling the attacks by any country, and does not need a nuclear weapon.”
Iranian officials have repeatedly voiced Tehran’s strong opposition to weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), saying they have no place in Iran’s defensive doctrine and run counter to its tenets.
In relevant comments in early March, President Hassan Rouhani once again underlined Tehran’s steadfast opposition to nuclear weapons, and affirmed that the country poses no threat against any nation throughout the globe.
He made clear that Iran is basically focusing on its massive common interests with other world countries, stressing that the country has no greed either for the wealth or the territories of other countries but still allows no one to attack the country.
The president had also stressed that Iran is not after developing weapons of mass destruction not just because of some resolutions or conventions it has signed but based on its beliefs and religious teachings.


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