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Enemies Incapable of Attacking Iran: Senior Commander

major general-firouzabadChief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Hassan Firouzabadi underlined that Iran’s adversaries are unable to launch a military assault on the Islamic Republic.

Today, the enemy’s operation is (limited to) political rhetorics as it lacks the military capability (to attack Iran), General Firouzabadi said on Tuesday.

He said the enemy once thought it could wage a war against Iran like those in Iraq and Afghanistan. “But they realized that it would not be a war with the Islamic Republic (only) as it will have global consequences.”

The senior military official also pointed to the enemies’ psycho-war and media campaign against Iran, and said such plots are aimed at demoralizing the Iranian nation.

Senior American officials, including US President Barack Obama, have time and again repeated the idea of military option being on the table against Iran over its nuclear energy program. US staunch ally Israel, has also threatened Iran with a military strike.

Iranian authorities have slammed the tone and described threatening the Iranian nation with the military option as a grave mistake. They have made it clear that any aggression against the country will receive a crushing response.


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