Suicide bomber explodes leaving 27 IRGC cops dead on Khash-Zahedan Road

At least 27 Pasdaran were killed and 13 wounded in the Khash-Zahedan Road terror attack on Wednesday, announced Public Relations Department of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) Quds Headquarters in a statement late on Wednesday.

The statement added a bus carrying IRGC border guards who were on their way home after the end of a mission was targeted on Khash-Zahedan Road by a suicide bomber where 27 were killed and 13 wounded.
Such terrorist acts are originated from impotency of the sworn enemies of the Islamic Revolution, the statement said, adding, “Such barbaric attacks will not harm willpower of the defenders of the Iranian borders; rather it will further strengthen their resolve in safeguarding public security and borders.”


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