Ayatollah Movahedi rejects US claims and allegations, said Iran doesn’t need atomic bomb

Addressing the Friday prayers sermon in Tehran, Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Movahhedi Kermani rejects US claims and allegations against Iran about its uranium stockpiles, stressed that Iran does not need atomic bomb and considers it as an illegitimate weapon.

Speaking to a large crowd of worshipers and the faithful in Iran’s capital, Tehran’s Friday prayer leader criticized the European countries for not honoring their pledges to Iran regarding the JCPOA, Movahedi Kermani, added that the country will not retreat from the decision to increase its enriched uranium stockpiles.

According to Iran Press report, Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Movahedi Kermani referred to Iran’s decision to reduce obligations regarding the JCPOA, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, saying should the European partners of the deal fail to comply with their commitments, “Iran will continue to increase its uranium stockpiles,” stressing that the enrichment will never be aimed at making bombs “because Iran considers nuclear bombs as legitimate and does not needs them; Iran will continue enrichment for supplying electricity and scientific activities”.

He went on mentioning the US crime of shooting Iranian passenger plane as ultimate obscenity and cruelty. Iran Air Flight 655, from Bandar Abbas to Dubai, was shot down by USS Vincennes which led to the loss of life of 290 innocent civilians from six nations, including 66 children; there were 38 non-Iranians aboard.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he pointed out to US president’s decision to hold back strikes to Iran and, mentioned that US is frightened by Iran’s defense capabilities.

President Trump approved military strikes against Iran in retaliation for downing an American surveillance drone, but pulled back from launching them. Officials said the president had initially approved attacks on a handful of Iranian targets, like radar and missile batteries. US side claimed that the strike was set to take place just before dawn Friday in Iran to minimize risk to the Iranian military and civilians.

In his speech also, Movahedi Kermani issued a harsh warning to the Zionist regime and, pointed out that they live in a glacial house and should Americans or Zionists make any mistake against Iran, Iran turns the Persian Gulf into their graveyards.


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