We try to give women a fair position in society: Ammar al-Hakim

Shia politician and leader of National Wisdom Movement says they try to allocate Iraqi women a fair share of power, which is in line with their religious and humane roles.

Seyyed Ammar al-Hakim made the remarks at the opening of the annual conference of Elimination of Violence against Women in Baghdad, attended by parliament speaker Mohamed al-Halbousi, officials and women.

Ammar al-Hakim said our view towards women stems from Islamic ideology that never looks at woman as a second-class citizen and grants her sensitive responsibility. A woman can bear this responsibility in society, politics and administrating the government.

According to the leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, violence against women is not only physical or psychological, but any action that denies women of their rights is also a form of violence, which in return would affect the entire society negatively.

Seyyed Ammr al-Hakim called on all civil movements, researchers and activists to begin gathering data and statistics about female Iraqis in an effort to remove the bureaucratic obstacles that prevent women from reaching the position they truly deserve. Hakim added that the issue of women is on the top agenda of the political forces in the Arab country, saying social justice is impossible as long as women have not reached their rights.

In another section of this event, a female Yazidi citizen who survived from Daesh terrorists talked about her ordeal and that of other Turkmen or Yazidi girls and women captured by ISIS Takfiri terrorists. She said they were all subjected to violence, slavery and torture. She urged the Baghdad government to help women who fled from Daesh captivity in social and political arenas and prepare conditions so they can return to the society.


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