Daesh attacks on checkpoints kill two security officials

Daesh attacks on checkpoints kill two security officials in northern Iraq.

Ferocious ISIS terror group attacks on two security checkpoints in northern Iraq have killed two security forces and wounded three others.

According to the Iraqi military’s statement, Daesh terrorists attacked the Alas oilfields area of the northern Salahuddin province.

“Elements of the terrorist Daesh gangs attacked two security checkpoints in the Alas oilfields area of Salahuddin province,” it said.

Furthermore, the statemnt said ISIS-laid improvised explosive device hit a vehicle belonging to security forces stationed there. That caused martyrdom to two scurity personnel.

The terrorists also opened fire on the security forces who attempted to evacuate the bodies, injuring three more.

Daesh attacks

Notably, Daesh launched fresh attacks while Iraqi government forces and fighters from allied Popular Mobilization Units, are carrying out joint operations against remnants of terrorist group.

However, they have also killed dozens of the extremists in the process across the country.


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